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We provide specialized consulting and engineering services in embedded and edge AI systems, general embedded systems, and Internet of Things systems. In the realm of edge AI, we focus on AI-enhanced computer vision systems that enable smart and fast decision-making at the local level.

Our expertise in IoT systems encompasses the full spectrum of connectivity, sensing, actuation, and both wireless and wired communication.

For our clients, we aim to be a partner in digital transformation, helping them navigate the complexities of their domains by leveraging our collective expertise and experience.

Estigi in Esperanto means “to create,” and we love it!

Services {



  • Embedded AI/Smart Vision
  • Mobile AI/Smart Vision (iOS, Android)
  • Connected Embedded Systems (Linux, RTOS, Bare-metal)
  • Custom Embedded Software
  • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)
  • Internet of Things Systems
  • Data Collection and Acquisition Systems
  • High-Precision Measurements


  • Embedded AI/Smart Vision
  • Mobile AI/Smart Vision (iOS, Android)
  • Connected Embedded Systems (Linux, RTOS, Bare-metal)
  • Custom Embedded Software
  • Mobile Applications (iOS, Android)
  • Internet of Things Systems
  • Data Collection and Acquisition Systems
  • High-Precision Measurements

Expertise {

  • ARM-Linux: Ambarella, Rockchip, NXP, TI
  • Hardware-accelerated CV: CVflow, RKNN, OpenVX, TensorFlow Lite
  • Image processing: RGB, IR, 3D depth
  • iOS: Apps, PyTorch, CoreML
  • Android: Apps, PyTorch, NNAPI
  • Multimedia: Gstreamer, UVC
  • Embedded Systems: Bare-metal, RTOS, Linux
  • Board Support: Kernel drivers, U-Boot, Build tools
  • Connectivity: USB, TSN, AVB, Ethernet
  • Wireless: Bluetooth, BLE, Wifi, NFC
  • Bespoke system software development: C, C++, Rust, Python, JavaScript
  • Server-side and cloud systems: Python, Rust, C#
  • Infrastructure as code: Terraform
  • High-availability and scalable systems
  • Cloud environments:
    • AWS
    • Google Cloud Platform


Most talented teams thrive in top projects


Add value to the World’s most compelling and innovative projects.

Our Values 


Be it a client, an employee, a co-worker, or a supplier - a trusted relationship starts from telling the truth.


Objectives over instructions. Be self-propelled and proactive with putting together everything you need to make clients successful.


Live up to your full potential.

The Team {

Izabela Seregin 

+48 602 619 159

Krzysztof Berezowski 

+48 668 639 591

Piotr Jelonkiewicz 

+48 795 197 457

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